Fun Fact - Can Your Dic* Get Smaller As You Age?

This is an obvious question that appears in the minds of most males. Today, I'll try to give a proper answer with reasons. So, can your dic* get smaller as you age?

This "Fun Fact Series" is my take on Sheldon Cooper presents "Sheldon Cooper's Fun With Flags" from the TV series "The Big Bang Theory."

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Let's start the article. To answer the question, we have to learn the physiology of a peni* at first. I'll try to keep it as short as possible.

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Physiology of Peni*

When you get sexuall* aroused, the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system gets stimulated. Such stimulation causes the release of Nitric Oxide:

Nitric Oxide is a potent vasodilator and it causes an increase of blood flow in the arteries of your peni*. At the same time, veins carrying blood out of peni* gets constricted. As a result, you get an erecti*n.

Testosterone also acts as a vasodilator and causes an increase of blood flow. The above said events are applicable here as well.

So you can two clear factors - 
  • Testosterone.
  • Blood flow.
See you just learned the physiology of an erecti*n. Proud of yourself?

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Causes of shrinking of your peni*

  • Ageing - As you grow older, the testosterone level in your body decreases as well. As previously stated, decreasing testosterone levels cause a decrease blood flow to your peni* and thereby it doesn't get as big as it used to before.
  • Fibres - As you age, non-elastic collagen fibres gets accumulated in corpora cavernosa, commonly known as the erecti*n chamber of the peni*. Decreased stretchability means decreased size.
  • Blood Flow - When you get older, the walls of your arteries lose stretchability as well. As a result, plaque made up of cholesterol, fat begins to fill up the arteries. So, blood flow is decreased. The decrease of blood flow causes a decrease in erecti*n size as well.
There's also another factor that is often ignored. And that's your weight. As your belly fat increases, it begins to accumulate at the base of your peni* as well. So, it looks smaller compared to normal.

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I think now you the answer to "Can your dic* get smaller as you age?" Spread this news to your friends.

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